Saturday, May 21, 2011

My review on Tantrums cloth diapers!

The lovely owner miss lexi of tantrums cloth diapers ran a contest on her Facebook fan page( and guess what?! I won! woot woot.

Ok ill start with the basics!

First and foremost this woman is incredibly nice, has awesome communication and super fast about shipping!

this is a OS (one size but dosent have any snap down sooo im thinking more of a large/medium)

great quality stiching

lovin the enclosed elastic, iv had more then my share of dipes with loose elastic and they always leaked

plenty of snas

one downside is unhidden snap backs

double wing snaps which i love! but i would want at least one more row and maybe even a snap over option, we had

"wing drop" after a few spins and jumps lol
i love the double bamboo liners they are so absorbent even after just a few prep washes! plus i love the minky backing, its alot easier on sensitive buns (like my two lol)

ok now are you ready for some action!
first on my 24lbs 18 month old son!

and now on my 30lbs 33 month old! (both kiddos are on the smallest setting!)

Over all reveiw:
  • Quality stitching and serging
  • absorbent
  • great communications
  • great weight maximum
  • wing drop
  • unhidden snaps on belly
  • lack of wing snaps
My rating 4 out of 5

i think there are some things that could be improved but see a ton of potential for a even more awesome diaper!

Do i recommend it?
yes! i defiantly would, over all i think its a great dipe and works great now, i can only imagine how it will be a year or so from now.


  1. Thanks so much for reviewing! And thank you for the feedback! (also it's a fold down rise)

    Thanks again Joanie!

    I linked this up to the FB page