Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Healthy living starts early!

How do you get active with your kids? Is it important to eat healthy and exercise?

Growing up we always took public transportation so there was a lot of walking, as i got older i would bike or skate anywhere within a one hour riding distance. I think that probably helped me maintain a healthy wait and energy level.
my kids have never been on a bus or train (tho we will be taking a train for my daughters birthday since she loves her choo choo ;) ) so in essence they dont HAVE to do much physical activity. So iv put together a great "work out" schedule for me and the kids! we walked around our neighborhood today and then went to the park to relax with some cold water! tomorrow we will play whatever the kids come up with with 3 balls!
heres our little adventure this morning!
luna decided to ride!

Kazu was trying out the new insoles i put in shoes

cooling off with some nice water!

the top is from last year!

kazu says EXERCISE

I asked some moms and heres their response!

  • "Buy a good stroller and get in the habit of taking evening walks. Good exercise PLUS it calms the baby."

  • "Make as much of your food from scratch as possible. Because my mom did it, I do it, and that means less sodium, lower calories, and more nutrients in your meals. Plus, food tastes better! You know what's in your food! You can also teach your children about proper portions sizes and how to make healthy foods for themselves and making healthy choices through time together in the kitchen. It's never too early- my son is 2 and he "helps" me with dinner many nights, as well as with other meals."

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