Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Stuffed pepper dinner!

heres my recipe for homemade stuffed peppers!

what you need:
* about 3cups Spanish brown rice
* 2 orange bell peppers (fresh)
* 2 yellow bell peppers (fresh)
* 1 red bell pepper (fresh)
* 1 jalapeño (fresh)
* 3 cups ground beef or grilled chicken (if using chicken skinless breasts cut into strips and then cubed works best)
* 19oz can chili
* 19oz can nacho cheese (usually found by the Mexican foods like canned jalapeño, hommes etc)
* chips
* tomato sauce
* dried basil
* pepper
* cheddar cheese

first start your rice since it will take longer then the meat. while the rice is cooking chop and dice 1/4th of a red pepper and toss it into the rice, the rice will absorb alot of flavor from the pepper.
next cook your meat, if your using beef brown it and drain it, put it on the back burner on the lowest heat so it dosent burn but stays warm.
while the rice is finishing up start the chili cheese, add the nacho cheese and chili together in a sauce pan and stir together add 1/2 jalapeño chopped and diced and 1/4 red pepper, once its blended set on the back burner to keep warm.
take two yellow and two orange peppers cut the top of and take out the middle to create a bowl, wrap in foil (not to tight) and put in the oven at 350 for about 8mins (this helps soften and give it a more smoked flavor because yes its a edible bowl!)
while the peppers are in the oven in a medium bowl add the meat, rice, 1 cup tomato sauce, a pinch of basil and a dash of pepper together and blend together.
take the peppers out of the oven spoon in the rice and meat into the orange pepper (orange peppers have a slightly sweet flavor to off set the savory taste of the meat).
top with cheddar cheese (or any cheese you like)
spoon in chili cheese to the yellow pepper (even tho its more of a dipping bowl you can eat it to as it is or use chips! the yellow pepper has a tangy sweet taste which will make the fresh jalapeño pop!
plate and your ready to dine!

Monday, June 6, 2011

My trick to toddler oral care!

my 2yo isent the greatest brushes and often needs some encuragement but i found songs typically motivate her soooo heres the little song i came up with! its simple and easy to remember!
this is to the tune of "row row row your boat"

"Brush brush brush your teeth
brush them till there clean
brush brush brush brush brush brush brush brush
brush them till there clean"

My little lady

Every day my little girl shows me something new she can do, And she shows me the inocence of childhood, and purity of imagination. Its hard to imagine its been almost three whole years!
Today we had a pic-nic out side for breakfast, somthing the kids always enjoy. and she got down to go run around some, but comes back saying "mommy oh no bug owchie!!!"So I go over and sure enough it was a little beatle that was hurt, so without being promted she runs and gets leaves and mkes a nest of sort and give him a peice of her doughnut and says "I love you bug, no die" and starts to cry!! How does she understand the concept of deth? No clue lol

she loves animals, and bugs and anything that breathes aside from flys.
she loves hugs and kisses and snuggling.
she loves playing outside and pretending inside.
she loves reading her books and being red to.
she loves her trains, and baby dolls.
she loves to sing and be sung to.
she loves her brother even tho she can be mean.
she loves her family even tho their hardly seen.
she loves the moon and the stars at night.
she loves the birds that fly by at dawn.
she loves loveing other and being loved and thats just what she is, truly loved and adored even by thos who have never met her.
she says please and thank you, your welcome and excuse me.
she says "i love you" and "i love you too" in the sweetest voice iv ever heard.
and when shes feeling grumpy or sad a cuddle will always cheer her up.

they say when you have more kids you devied your heart but really you just gain more, a heart for my husband and a heart for my son and heart just for luna and all her love <3

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The "eww" factor of cloth

its one anyone who cloth diapers hears. "i cant cloth diaper its so gross" "i dont want to wash poop and pee" "what if it touches me ew!"
and? so i supose these ew factor people also throw away any clothes that happen to get poop, pee or thrown up on? i mean ew right? i cant imagine the thoused people spend on th esposies alone but then replaceing everything from their cloths, the babys clothes, carseats ect. And how strange must there carpet look with all the little squares cut out! i mean eww who would want to clean poop off the carpet!
alot say only poor people cloth diaper..and i this point i will say i must be dirt poor becasue i cant afford to replace my carpet and wordrob every month lol
my dd was in spoises for half th etime she was in cloth, and we had major blow outs! im talking pass the shoulders kind of thing, now a few things did get thrown away, but because i had to cut them off her or they were white lol but shes in undies now and still has accedents poop and i throw them away? hell no! there are 8 year olds that still have accedents do you trow awy their clothes? no
so please explain the "ew" factor to me ;)