Wednesday, January 12, 2011

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Saturday, January 1, 2011

so its been a while :)

But here i am, with a bit of peace and quiet. the kiddos had a play date today and are now asleep :D
man time has flown by, the past 4 years have gone so quick and so many things have changed. just 4 years ago i was a average geeky teen, playing card games and skateing. now im a mom of two, a wife, and out of my moms house...

but lets see what about just from 2010 to now, 2011...
this time last year we had just moved to our new house, i was in surgery, had a 6 week old son and 16 month old daughter waiting at home. i was still trying to figure things out, how to balance, kid time, adult time and me time. so many things have changed not visably but in me. im a bit more confedent iv learnd a ton, and givin my all to be who i am. iv battled the loss of certin people tho they are still alive, iv welcomed new friends and tried to get along as best i can with the "family" i know have...though even after all the years i dont feel like im always the odd one out...

but a few from our play date today :D

the crew! luna 28 months, kazuya 13.5 months, and sage 10.5 months!