Saturday, December 25, 2010

Cookies, and all the jazz

mmmmmm who dosent like fresh baked cookies! finally they came out good!

And just to be a little show off my new sewing machine! Sadly my first project will be repairing diapers :P

Oh the fun we all had!

The kids had a blast and loved every bit!

luna getting ready to go

so funny to see my 13 month old next to his 3 month old cousin!

and the opening of presents!

and my master present!! a must watch!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

All i want for xmas..

So the day was yucky, and rainy and just plain ugly, the kids were restless, and i couldn't even make my goodies. we dident get snow, nor have a ton of presents to give out, alot of things dident happen.
But as i sat watching my little ones slowly drift to dream land i realized in that moment of silence..i got everything i wanted. i got to see their faces light up, the excitement the pure joy! Next year will be bigger, but as long as i have my beautiful children and wonderful husband, it could never get any better <3

twas the day before christmas

and all through my house not a creature was stirring..except for the mouse!
the stockings are hung, but the counters are bare. for theres no baking today with no eggs to be spared (thanks allot you know who you are). so here i sit in my chair waiting for the day to go by.
ba-hum-bug is a bit much im sure but when your all alone with two sleeping children and nothing to be done..well ba-hum and bug!
its rainy and cold, and just dressing as could be.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

December 21st....leaves

Today i took the little ones out to play, it was a warm 80 degree day.
I found a beautiful tree with leaves just raining down as the wind blew.

Kazuya loved the leaves!

Luna said it was rianing :)

The best use of a dump truck <3

Hello blog world!

Well i'v decided to dive in and see what all can come from blogging :)