Monday, June 6, 2011

My little lady

Every day my little girl shows me something new she can do, And she shows me the inocence of childhood, and purity of imagination. Its hard to imagine its been almost three whole years!
Today we had a pic-nic out side for breakfast, somthing the kids always enjoy. and she got down to go run around some, but comes back saying "mommy oh no bug owchie!!!"So I go over and sure enough it was a little beatle that was hurt, so without being promted she runs and gets leaves and mkes a nest of sort and give him a peice of her doughnut and says "I love you bug, no die" and starts to cry!! How does she understand the concept of deth? No clue lol

she loves animals, and bugs and anything that breathes aside from flys.
she loves hugs and kisses and snuggling.
she loves playing outside and pretending inside.
she loves reading her books and being red to.
she loves her trains, and baby dolls.
she loves to sing and be sung to.
she loves her brother even tho she can be mean.
she loves her family even tho their hardly seen.
she loves the moon and the stars at night.
she loves the birds that fly by at dawn.
she loves loveing other and being loved and thats just what she is, truly loved and adored even by thos who have never met her.
she says please and thank you, your welcome and excuse me.
she says "i love you" and "i love you too" in the sweetest voice iv ever heard.
and when shes feeling grumpy or sad a cuddle will always cheer her up.

they say when you have more kids you devied your heart but really you just gain more, a heart for my husband and a heart for my son and heart just for luna and all her love <3

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