Sunday, June 5, 2011

The "eww" factor of cloth

its one anyone who cloth diapers hears. "i cant cloth diaper its so gross" "i dont want to wash poop and pee" "what if it touches me ew!"
and? so i supose these ew factor people also throw away any clothes that happen to get poop, pee or thrown up on? i mean ew right? i cant imagine the thoused people spend on th esposies alone but then replaceing everything from their cloths, the babys clothes, carseats ect. And how strange must there carpet look with all the little squares cut out! i mean eww who would want to clean poop off the carpet!
alot say only poor people cloth diaper..and i this point i will say i must be dirt poor becasue i cant afford to replace my carpet and wordrob every month lol
my dd was in spoises for half th etime she was in cloth, and we had major blow outs! im talking pass the shoulders kind of thing, now a few things did get thrown away, but because i had to cut them off her or they were white lol but shes in undies now and still has accedents poop and i throw them away? hell no! there are 8 year olds that still have accedents do you trow awy their clothes? no
so please explain the "ew" factor to me ;)

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